Gun Control: World Cruel And The People

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Gun Control has been the main topic in the US lately.People have been debating whether laws should be made to make it harder for people to purchase a gun. Gun control is making this world cruel and the people in it. If I become you 2036 president you will not have to worry any more about your safety. If you're not permitted to have a gun then you will not have one. It’s a lot of killing and things going on. But with the help of me I can put a stop to it. Now and day people are crazy and they don't think before they do stuff. It’s getting really bad a dangerous out here. People are just killing just to kill people, they don't have a reason. A gun is very powerful and you have to think before. This world can be more peaceful if we help with the…show more content…
You will have to have to have a licensed to purchase a gun, Require background check for all gun sales, and Ban large capacity ammunition magazines. Lots of people in the world now have stolen guns, or guns that are not theres. But from now on if I'm elected president a person that isn't licensed for a gun will not have one. If you require a background check it will help make the world better. When people go into a gun store the owner does not know why that person is purchasing a gun. They could may have serious problems, and could be buying that gun for the wrong reason. Background checks could check to make sure they have no mental health problems, or if they are crazy or ever been to jail for anything dealing with violence. Another provision would require that any firearm lost in transit between a manufacturer and a seller would be reported to federal authorities. Although banning large capacity ammunition magazines would hurt most people because some do use the guns in a good way such as to hunt. A gun that can hold up to 100 bullets can be very harmful and hurt lots of people. We have history where they banned it but it expired in 2004. If I'm elected president it will be banned again. Don't get it wrong guns are used in a good way. Its just some people don't need to have guns in their possessions. Guns are used for protection not to kill or hurt innocent people. Gun control is the set of laws…show more content…
There is a difference between gun control and self protection. Self protection is one of the main reason people buy guns. But it can sometimes hurt the people around you. Like if you're keeping the gun in your house and you have children. They could somehow get a hold to it. Its important to keep it out of reach of children. Lots of killing is due to gun control. More than 30,000 are killed by firearms each year in this country. The average number of guns per owner has increased from 4.1 in 1994 to 6.9 in 2004. More than 10,000 are gun homicides. The right to bear arms according to the Second Amendment has been a big issue for many years in American
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