Gun Control in America

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Gun control is one of the biggest issues in America. Alfred Blumstein states, “As Americans, violence is a priority in everybody’s concerns in this country.” America is fighting a constant battle against crime and violence in this country. Murder is one of the biggest incidents happening on a daily basis in this country. 70% of homicides are reported to have some sort of firearm used in the crime. The depressing truth is that gun violence is increasing in young teens. Since 1985 people younger than the age of 18 committing murders has doubled and a big factor in this gun outbreak is due to gang violence, which is main reason in the rate of gun homicides. Law enforcement has been trying to contain these gangs and to keep firearms off of the streets and out of the hands of the wrong people. There are studies being tested and researched if gun control will reduce the number in homicides in the United States. People should care about a controversial topic such as this because in some cases it is a matter of life and death. What if you are being attacked and have no way of defending yourself? A gun can be a matter of protection from being the victim of a crime. Guns are one of the biggest threats in this country; however, they are also one of the biggest crime deterrents as well. I believe enforcing a strict gun control will worsen the effects of homicide in the United States for several reasons. First it would leave people to be defenseless against crimes. Secondly, criminals

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