Gun Control in America

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Gun Control in America Peter Z Bliss ENG/215 February 2, 2012 Kim Holloway Gun Control in America Gun control is a debate topic that comes up every election and when a major event happens that involving guns. Pro-gun lobbyists say “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” [ (Hagan, 2007) ] the anti-gun advocates want to take away the right to bear arms. This topic has no right or wrong answer it is a preference of the individual. This is why gun control is such a fiercely debated topic. Implementing gun control Gun control cannot determine an accurate measurement according to research as there are two key components to the research lacking. What is the crime rate with no gun control? There is no documented research…show more content…
This Act would require background checks on gun purchases [ (Medlock, 2005) ]. There are those who believe that the NRA has too much political pull in Washington. One such case Representative Peter Smith (R-NH) chose to sponsor a bill that would ban assault weapons. This was after telling the NRA that he opposed gun control. The following election the NRA targeted him and he lost his election race. The NRA has an uncanny ability to feed on the fears of the U.S. citizens. They helped to prevent the renewal of the assault weapon ban in 1994. Five years later two teenagers opened fire at their high school outside of Denver. With the horrific incident still fresh in legislator’s minds the NRS help to defeat a measure that would have prevented these teenagers from purchasing their firearms. As these teenagers had purchased their weapons at a gun show, which did not require the dealer’s to run a background check on them. To say that the NRA has a stance on the subject of gun control is an understatement. Regardless of the positive effects a law will have in preventing violent crimes involving guns. The NRA purposefully refutes those acts and uses its ability to enact fear into its members and citizens. This fear is used to prevent these laws from getting past legislation. Pro-gun control For every anti-gun control argument there is a disputing argument from the pro-gun control group. Studies do show that the gun
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