Gun Control in Us: a Challenge to the American Political Culture in Terms of Law and Religion

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Introduction The creation of the United States came as a result of the independence war with England in 1776, in which the big involvement of citizens and militaries for the liberation left as a consequence people owning weapons. Contrary to what happened in Europe after each war, the citizens in US were not disarmed after the liberation, but their armament was supported with the second amendment of US constitution, “Bill of rights”, allowing “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” (Amendment II, US Constitution). Second amendment still exists today, and despite the incremental legal adjustments, it still is prominent in supporting…show more content…
Gary Mauser professor in Simon Fraser university in Canada, argues that the gun-laws does not reduce the crime rate, because in previous decades there have been only 22 states allowing gun bearing, later 37 more created flexible laws for gun possession and surprisingly the violence rates in to 2004 dropped drastically, also it is even more surprising that US compared to other states in the world have an impressive drop in crime rate (Mauser, 2004). Also there are facts from the state’s such UK and Canada which enforced gun-laws, that the crime rate increased after the laws were passed. Moreover Mark Moore and Anthony Braga (2000) argue that even if most clear empirical statistics are provided which show that gun bearing is harmful, most of the people who own a gun are not going to obey. Also guns in US are hold primarily for self-protection, so despite the statistics that 11% in 100.000 Americans committed suicide and homicide, the surprising effect is that estimated 100.000 Americans per year are using guns in property loss protection. According to Mark Guertz (1995) guns have been used most of the time for self-defense rather than violating crimes. Currently a survey conducted in 2011 resulted that “49% of Americans support the gun rights, whereas 45% say that guns have to be controlled” (The Pew Research Center, 2012) this tight percentage where the majority thinks that US citizens have to be provided with gun rights, is a strong evidence describing that
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