Gun Control or Gun Freedom? The Casualty Rate of Violence

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The casualty rate of violence is increasing as a result of how easy it is to obtain a gun legally. Introduction Gun control or Gun freedom has been an important debate in the American history. The proponents of Gun freedom use the 2nd amendment to indicate how the constitution protects the right of every citizen to own a gun. The opponents on the other hand question this interpretation of the 2nd amendment or call for a change in constitution if that is what it takes to make American societies safer. This group believes that this interpretation used by pro-guns lobbies has been taken out of context and is allowing huge industrial groups to benefit from the sales of arms at the expense of peaceful societies. You may belong to either of these groups but can scarcely question the hypothesis that America is becoming increasingly violent. Out of the 12 deadliest mass shootings in US history, 6 of them have occurred in the past five years. Compared to other developed western democracies most of the worst mass shooting have occurred in the United States of America. The rate of homicide is constantly on the rise with 15000 cases reported in 2011. Murder rate in the country is four times higher than Britain and six times higher than in Germany. What makes these statistics even more horrific is that all of this is happening at an age where law enforcement has become increasingly sophisticated with technology, criminal tracking procedures and a large police force ( Hazen,

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