Gun Influence On Gun Control

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Gun control: Is violence influenced by the choice of weapon?
Although recurring debated, in special due to recent and recurring broadcasted mass shootings, the majority of people cannot reason whether firearms influence urban violence. Furthermore, when the topic arises in a discussion, it usually serves as a disguise to deeper value conflicts such as individuality versus collectivity; leaving the gun control debase aside because neither sides present strong evidences. Whereas gun control lies on collectivity values, having the choice to possess a firearm usually consolidates itself on the former but also as a necessity claim for some. Nonetheless the inner value one chooses to defend, throughout this text, by comparing countries’ firearm ratios, the afterwards of homicides indices where gun restrictions were imposed, and analyzing premises used by those who advocate gun constraints a reasonable conclusion that the any specific weapon limitation present minor to none influence on urban violence is attainable.
Primary, surveying a broader list of countries to determine whether the relation between firearm ratio and homicide levels is tangible fails. This is an important factor as it will be analyzed in a later moment. Take for example Finland and Switzerland, even though their firearm ratio are considerable higher than countries as Honduras and El Salvador, their homicide levels are extremely lower than those two; and dozens of others. To avoid potential strawman fallacies,
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