Gun Laws Decrease Violence

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Will More-Stringent Gun Laws Decrease Violence? In this article, Robert McCartney, a newspaper reporter from the Washington Post who also has his own radio show, interviews a Washington D.C. doctor about gun violence. Dr. Janis Orlowski, former chief medical officer of a D.C. area hospital, Medstar Washington Hospital Center, is all but a stranger to the effects of gun violence. Growing up in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, she was one of eight siblings, and her father loved to hunt. She stated that she had been around guns all of her life, not only at home, but throughout her community. While she does believe that something needs to be done about the gun laws, and she would support them, she also believes it is not “the sole answer.” This is coming from a doctor, who sees the awful, tragic effects of gunshot wounds every single day. As the chief medical officer, she is in charge of over 6,000 staff members. During a news brief following a shooting at a Navy yard, her sincere though trajectory had inadvertently made her a local and national celebrity. She said; “Put my trauma center out of business…. I would like to not be an expert on gunshots.” During a radio broadcast interview of Senator Richard Durbin, D=Ill, Scott Simon, a radio host of Weekend Edition Saturday, for National Public Radio, which is based out of Washington D.C., asks the Senator if he supports stricter gun laws, and if his party is planning to vote on them. He stated that after the tragedy in Newtown, some
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