Gun Laws Should Not Be Banned

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Guns have been a part of America since the beginning. Right off the bat, the Constitution gave us the right to bear arms in 1791. Until recent years, this amendment was left to our own interpretations and we were able to see it as we saw fit. District of Columbia V. Heller changed this. It allowed us to know that while we have a right for guns, it has limitations. The basis of this monumental court case was that we had a right to guns for self- defense. It also set the back ground for us to not be allowed to take guns everywhere, but leaves a lot of gray area as to where we should and should not have these arms. College is one of these places that was left in the gray area. While it is a public school, where guns should not be, it is also homes, which is where we have a right to have these guns. Many questions need to be asked when thinking about these problems, but the safety of students is the biggest concern in all these. Do guns make college campuses safer or not, and how do these changes effect the students that go there. It seems that every few weeks you turn on the news and hear of cases with mass murders such as Adam Lanza and James Holmes, some of the more recent culprits of single incidents of mass murders. While neither of these events happened on college campuses, they took place in places that were once safe for everyone, an elementary school and a movie theater respectively. These are the cases that have caused massive national debates on gun control. While…

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