Gun Laws Should Not Be Banned

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Garrett Hoyle Professor Edwards ENC 1101 11 November 2015 Evil in this World Ten more people fall victim to another public shooter, and another gun control debate comes spiraling from the after math as laws against guns try to be placed. Is this really the best way to deal with the issue? No. The issue is people are killing people not guns are killing people. Society wants to ban guns because people are afraid when in actuality guns themselves are not the things that need to be banned. Even then do you have any proof the gun laws actually lower crime? Gun laws also go directly against the 2nd Amendment and it takes away one of the best means of self-defense from invaders and criminals. Therefore gun laws should not be put in place. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. We have a right to bear arms and is not something that can just be taken away. In today’s world terrible things happen around every corner. It’s human’s nature for us to try to force all this evil onto something. Society has been aiming all the blame on guns and that’s how it’s been going for the past couple years. However is this the right decisions society is try to make? Or is it just human nature being afraid once again? Blaming guns for gun violence is like blaming a baby for crying. It cannot be controlled. Guns are merely tools used for killing, as are many other things but guns are the only thing that makes the news. Society needs to stop placing blame on the guns and place it on the

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