Gun Laws in the United States

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The purpose of gun laws in the United States is to protect citizens from being victims of gun violence. Within the last few years, several incidents have occurred where innocent individuals were killed just out of outrage. President Obama is working to have some type of policy put into place to reduce the number of crimes caused by guns. Also, this policy would reduce the number of individuals allowed to buy firearms due to felonies or other illegal matters. Not only would the sale and possession be regulated with gun laws, the use of firearms would also be regulated. Many Americans do not agree with this policy; however, its purpose is not to offend or hurt anyone. This policy is to help save innocent lives and reduce the number of individuals who are able to purchase or come into contact with those weapons to hurt others. The following information will include an overview of gun laws and the history behind gun laws along with social, economic, and political analysis.

Protection for the citizens living in the United States of America is the key, and policies should be developed and enforced to make sure all Americans are safe. There are several individuals who may not agree with this policy because they own guns or have felonies that would prohibit them from obtaining weapons. The purpose for this policy is simply to protect others and reduce the number of felons allowed to obtain those weapons. Reducing or preventing unnecessary deaths is important
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