Gun Legislation Essay

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"Being Prepared in Suburbia" is an essay by Roger Verhulst published in 1992. The purpose of this essay is to show how guns can change a person's mind and emotions. Throughout the essay, Verhulst shares personal examples of his beliefs of gun ownership and personal examples of how his life changed once he bought a Crossman Power Master 760 BB Repeater pump gun. After purchasing the gun, he believed that the reason people like guns so much is because of a passion that gun owners feel. He stated, "This is the feeling that explains their passion, their religious fervor, their refusal to yield. It's rooted in the gut, not in the head" (Verhulst 342). He also realized that personal thoughts and morals about gun ownership change for a gun …show more content…
If it is the case that he believed so much and instilled so much into his sons, why is it that he could not have taken the same objective against the Cub Scouts when they asked to add target shooting? Is it because his ban did not work or that he did not want to go through another similar situation?

Regardless of Verhulst's reason for giving in to the Cub Scouts, he simply agreed to the fact that the boys wanted to add target shooting, an activity that would originally go against all his beliefs. He stated, "Whenever a gun was put to effective use, I insisted something broke; and it seemed absurd to go through life breaking things" (Verhulst 341) a belief that he went against when he agreed to target shooting. His only excuse is that he wanted "to be accepted by the boys-to be regarded as appropriately adult and masculine" (Verhulst 341). In that statement, he now insists that the only way to be an adult and to be masculine is to own a gun or be able to shoot a gun. He appears to be using the boy scouts as an excuse to fulfill the suspense that he has always wondered about guns. He could have used the circumstance as an experiment to justify the entire situation of why he believes emotion triumphs over reason. This was not the case, instead of simply finding reasons of why people enjoy guns, he also finds enjoyment out of his gun knowing the harm that guns can and will cause. As evidence Verhulst said, "I can understand that passion because I've felt it
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