Gun Quality Control Strategy

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The rifles have been popular for decades , and America has purchased a ton of them, so suply lines are in place, distribution networks have moved lots of gun, and customers have a good idea of what companies they prefer. In order for a new company to survive in an environment this competitive, it needs to offer something tangible that no one else does. It must convince customers to leave what they know and lo and try something new. This is no easy task, but War Sport's products make a compelling argument as to why you should do just that. The more a company brings manufacturing inhouse, the more likely it is to turn out a superior product. There are a few excellent AR manufacturers that mostly assemble guns from parts made by others.…show more content…
The Meonite process maes the barrel very hard both inside and out and greatly prolongs its life. If ever I’ve seen a barrel that could both do precision wor and last forever, this is it. One of the best ways to get to know a rifle is to take it apart and look closely at each component. One thing that immediately jumped out to me with the War Sport rifle was the combination of a midlength gas system with a standard carbine-weght buffer. This rare combination implies that War Sport did its gas-port homework. The most common error manufacturers make when producing ARs is to overgas the un with a big gas port. Most favor this approach because the rifle won’t be shot enough for it to become a problem, whereas an undergassed gun will have functioning problems immediately. Overgassing an AR causes accelerated wear on the bolt and increases the probability of premature breakage on either of the lugs flanking the extractor or at the cam-pin hole. The biggest tip-off that a rifle is overgassed is the recoil, or in severe cases, the rifle will throw brass forward of the ejection port. In a perfect world, the gas port is just the right size to send enough gas back to the bolt-carrier group to cycle it without needing heavy buffers to slow down cycing enough to let the gun extract and load reliably. Of course, we prefer midlength gas systems in most AR setups because of the
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