Gun Safe Essay

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The moment you decide to invest in a gun(s), purchasing a gun safe also becomes important. This is the only logical way to minimize the possibility of accidents or loss of firearms. Buying a safe however, is not always a straightforward process. You need to first familiarize with a couple of recommendations, regulations and marketing techniques in order to make an informed choice. Let us briefly take a look at what to look for in a gun safe – as detailed under the following 7 questions.
1.What is the right gun safe capacity to go for?
Something you may not be aware of is that gun safe manufacturers have a habit of bragging about the large number of guns they can squeeze into their safes. Unfortunately, what may be advertised as high capacity
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That is why safes made of concrete amalgamates and steel are ranked as the most reliable. But at the same time, some RSC gun safes are light – yet still categorized as reliable. Are they really safe? Well, yes because modern technology has enabled manufacturers to maximize on available resource to build lighter yet effective units. The best way to determine if a safe is worth its weight is by comparing its height-weight ratio. For instance a 60 inch tall gun safe (RSC) can weigh anywhere between 500 and 800 lbs. Anything below 300 lbs would be questionable.
5.What Quality Of Steel Is Used?
Steel is usually the most valuable component of a safe as it provides resilient burglary protection and withstands damage remarkably. However, there are some cases where manufacturers produce substandard steel and use it to make commercial gun safes. Some use misleading tactics such as “thick robust doors” but what they don’t tell you is that only a thin part of this door is actually made of steel. Others even boast of providing 2 inch of steel thick walls only to use a 14 gauge piece of steel combined with layers of drywall. The recommended minimum guidelines of steel usage are as follows.
*Door Outer Sheet – Should be at least 7 gauge. Remember, even a thin looking 7 gauge steel is better than a thick-looking composite door that’s made of 12 gauge steel wrapped around some weak
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