Gun Suicide Research Paper

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Data Collection Method The nature of this research topic focuses on the association between gun control laws of the states and their rate of youth gun suicide, therefore, the most appropriate data collection method would be analyzing secondary data. In terms of the units of analysis for this research, it will be states because the design of this research compares the level of gun control laws and its connection to youth gun suicide will be made therefore examinations should be made between the states. However, in order to analyze the association between the independent and dependent variables, it would be crucial to first examine the level of gun control laws of each state; this data will be collected from past researches conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Meanwhile, the rate of youth gun suicide can be collected from the law enforcement agency of the states. In order to further examine the variables, both the independent and dependent variables will be conceptualized. To analyze the severity of gun laws, this research will examine the…show more content…
Furthermore, this research will hypothesize that states with stricter gun control laws will have lower rates of youth gun suicide than states with more lenient or no gun control laws proposed specifically to limit youths, because those laws will restrict youths from accessing a firearm. The assumed findings will demonstrate that as the severity of sanctions of gun control laws increased, youth gun suicide rate will decreased. Meanwhile, there are other factors that will affect youth gun violence rate, such as psychological illnesses, past suicidal ideation/attempts, low parental monitoring, and as well as past risk behaviors committed by the youth. However, these factors can be discussed in researches analyzing the social aspects of youth gun
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