Gun Violence And The United States Essay

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Gun violence is a major issue each year around the world and especially in the United States. Cities have yet to find out a way to stop the plague that is called gun violence and there are many reasons behind it, but we will get into that soon. Gun violence may never stop because there will always be a way to purchase a weapon illegally and we know that when something becomes illegal that there is always a high demand for it, for example, the prohibition effect proved everyone wrong. Police around the states especially in Chicago, which has one of the highest murder rates in the United States is finding it hard to combat the violence because of the low amount of officers, political interference or lack of persecution, and community resistance. Under hiring officers is the worst possible issue that is currently effecting the high amount of gun violence in Chicago. When there is a small amount of patrol officers with boots on the ground, being at the scene of a crime when it occurs or before it even occurs is a problem because gun violence cannot be stopped without a large police force. Chicago Police place most of its force in Austin and Englewood neighborhoods because that is where the most concurrent crime occurs, but that does not stop the rampant crime from occurring week after week here in Chicago. There are currently “12,656 officers on duty” with an active plan by our mayor Rahm Emanuel which proposes an “increase number of officers from 12,656 to 13,535” (John

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