Gun Violence

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The Gangs In Our Communities By: Adam Taylor What set do you claim? Isn’t that a question we all hear at some point in our school years and maybe sometimes even after. Well I remember being in elementary school and not having to worry about nothing but recess. Those were the days of no worries and no stress. Then came middle school and that’s when things begin to change. Middle school is more about who you hang out with and how you dress. That’s where most of it starts. At the level of middle school to the level of adulthood gangs are feared and recognized. The abundance of gangs can bring fear and violence to every block of a city. In addition to suffering unacceptably high numbers of deaths and injuries, gang plagued…show more content…
Young people who are diverted into a gang life typically remain under-educated and do not contribute positively to the city’s workforce. Police and other elements of the criminal justice system are at the center of efforts to reduce gang violence. Police are fully aware of the damage that gangs do to their communities, in terms of graffiti, vandalism, fighting, shoot-outs, robbery, rape and other violence. They understand that neighborhoods cannot function effectively under the reign of terror that many street gangs impose. At the same time, police leaders around the nation have frequently made the point that “we cannot arrest our way out of the crime problem.” Too many lawbreakers, limited police resources and high levels of long-term losses to communities make it vital that arrest not be the only answer. Community involvement, focused social services and community problem solving are other critical strategies that can reduce crime in the long term and strengthen neighborhoods. Strong local anti-gang initiatives cannot be effectively planned or implemented by a single agency or organization. Partnerships are crucial to this work, bringing knowledge, relationships and resources to the table and yielding broad community support for sustained efforts. In particular, city leaders must go
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