Gun Violence In America

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The Constitution states that it is our right to bear arms to protect ourselves and that those rights cannot be infringed upon, but what happens when the arms that we use to protect ourselves also pose a threat to our lives? In America, gun violence is a constant threat and little is being done to oppose it. Although the Constitution does state that the right to bear arms cannot be infringed upon, the lack of restrictions on who can own firearms poses a safety threat to the public by letting dangerous individuals obtain weapons. The Constitution was written in 1791 and in it the Second Amendment states “... the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” During the time that the Constitution was drafted, America had just gained its freedom from Britain and did not have much in the way of laws and protection for the people other than what the people could provide for themselves. By giving people the right to own firearms the government was taking steps to help provide protection for the people. In society today that is no longer necessary. Today the people are protected by a multitude of laws that did not exist at that time and a well-trained military and police force. Today the people are much safer than they were all those years ago, meaning they don’t have the necessity of guns like in the past. Even though guns are less of a necessity as they once were, America has the highest gun to person ratio out of all the other well-developed countries. As a

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