Gun Violence In New Haven

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Before I get into the strategies put in place to reduce gun violence, I want to touch on the things that contribute to gun violence in New Haven. According to the “Selected Strategies for Community Gun Violence Prevention” report, violent crimes contribute to and are exacerbated by economic disadvantage (City-Wide). The main area in New Haven where gun violence occurs is in areas of low-income and poverty and the gun violence are being executed by the youth ages 15-24. In this day and age, we are living in a society where your income level determines your life expectancy, whether it is homicide, suicide or another form of violent activity. Living in New Haven and experiencing this first hand, I was able to see how the power and the struggle of poverty, low-income, gang wars and even drug activity can exacerbate gun violence. New Haven has as many as 2,500 people who are in gangs. These gangs lie in six neighborhoods in New Haven. The gangs being, The Ville, The Tre, The Tribe, The Jungle, The Island and The Hill hold responsibility
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Opportunity structures are factors that are external that limit or empower action. This s considered an extra curricular activity or something put in place to strengthen a population (New Haven Family Alliance). Due to the lack of community engagement, it gives people a reason to turn to violence. There are not many community centers available for youth to participate in and for adults to volunteer in. Growing up in New Haven there were many opportunities for people to partake in that kept people off of the streets including places, like The Boys and Girls Club, YMCA and The Q House. Being at a community center gave me a chance to complete my homework and strengthen my reading skills with a tutor, participate in community activities, and build relationships with my peers and the staff so I have extra support
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