Gun Violence

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Gun Violence Sociology 1010 Kenneth Cornwell Zanestate College Carl A. Field Today in our society we have a massive problem with gun violence. Many people are abusing their right to own guns by doing was is called a shooting. A shooting is a kill spree of mostlky public areas. This happens because of people wioth a mental background not being check for illnesses and abeing allowed to purchase firearms. This is not always the case, for there are problems with bullies in our society. Bullies are a big party of this society in its day of age. Bullying has all forms. When this happens people think that the correct way to fix the problem of gun violence is to ban all firearms from being used by civilians. There aree many reasons why…show more content…
This is a part that happens in the societ every second of every minute of every hour and so on. Communication is received in so many ways in this society. With communication comes ideas and logic and other forms of understanding the ways of the communication process. With this theory and the interpretation of the communication amongst people there are many ways to misinterpret them. The government and the pople is a huge social conflict. The people want one thing for society while the government is writing bills to do the exact opposite. This creates a letdown for the people. Then the people start to fester ideas and state that the government is corrupted. Cults are vastly spread out on several different topics. One is in fact the corruption of the government. Cults are localized groups who have one central idea and maintain meeting about how to deal with said topic. This is all over the world. Peole have ties in cults that have to do with some actions against shootings. They have narrowed down searches for cults in the united states dealing with shootings. Faith is said to have people with high hopes in a commmunuty. Faith is a term used for people who believe in a winninng scenario in certain circumstances. Many people believe in this. Faith is to give better people a mind of clarity and to help them with their day. With gun violence faith is disrubuted every day. People go to work, they go to school, they go to public places know that that place could be the
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