Gun Violence Prevention: Literature Review

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This research is important because gun violence has been a plague in the United States and the United Kingdom, among other places, for much of the recent century or two. This violence takes on two major forms. The first is general gun violence that is perpetrated as part of gang violence, robberies, burglaries, crimes of passion or spite and so forth. The other major form, which is both quite uncommon but very poignant and affecting when it happens, are school and other mass shootings like Columbine and the very recent Sandy Hook. There have been a decent amount of other school shootings and work shootings, but those are far and away the most notorious. Both were effected by very mentally ill teenagers or young adults that decide to go out in a bloody and perverted blaze of glory before they took their own life.
As has been noted elsewhere in this overall project, the broader focus of this study is to focus on the John Jay students and faculty and their overall opinions on gun violence prevention legislation and enforcement. This report is designed to cover scholarly external inputs that will inform, dovetail or perhaps even conflict with the findings that will be found within the John Jay sphere. The literature reviewed for this report covers six different journal articles that range in publication date from the…
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