Gun Violence Proposal

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Gun violence in the United States has been a growing anomaly. Everyday 309 people die from guns in America, and this number is growing. These tragedies can be a result of suicide, murder, gang related, racially motivated, accidents etc. In the past, many policy makers in Washington have attempted to create a law to decrease the number of gun related deaths, however, many of these attempts have become unsuccessful. The second amendment, the right to bear arms, is a right given to the citizens of the United States by our founding fathers. This rudimentary right is something that many citizens in this country hold dear and will not see taken away. Because of the struggle to find a common ground between acceptable guns and unnecessary guns is so hard, this has sparked a national…show more content…
The first part would be to simply close the loopholes in the unlicensed seller system. I would draft a bill in Congress and create a federal law that mandates background check to advance to unlicensed sellers. This law would bypass the ineffective state laws and the states would have to enforce it. I would also create stiff penalties for the seller and the consumer for breaking this law. These penalties would range from a fine to jail time depending on the circumstance. The second part of my plan would be to monitor gun selling on the internet. I would draft another federal law that would require the sellers online to do a background report on the potential customer, send the results to the Government and they would decide if that person was safe or a threat. In conclusion believe this method would significantly reduce the gun violence in our country. The tragic shootings we see on the news, a sign we know all too well, would finally cease. With this plan in place, dangerous guns would not get into the hands of at risk people. This plan does not infringe on the second amendment, but does enhance the background checking method already in
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