Gun Violence Vs. Gun Rights Essay

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Rony Francisco College Composition II Professor Shindler 12 December 2016 Gun Violence Vs Gun Rights The debate between gun control and gun rights is one topic that can affect all culture and lifestyle implications. It goes beyond just the notion of "I like guns vs. guns are dangerous." Some of the main arguments for and against gun control and gun rights are that Gun are dangerous to those who have some sort of mental disorder vs gun are to protect and service this nation. Which will of course bring up arguments for more restrictive gun laws. As society continues to diversify and human beings become more independent, we drift further apart from understanding each other. The gun control conflict is not directly affected by this, but psychologically human fear what we don 't understand. In a society with hundreds of cultures, differences and arguments can arise out of nothing. Words are one thing but the use of firearms is an entirely different topic. With less restrictive laws on purchasing and ownership a seemingly pointless feud could intensify into murder. Guns give a man power, with power inevitably becomes abuse. There is a high rate of gun-related violence. The United States leads in numbers the world for most in gun violence and ownership of guns. This is perhaps the most obvious argument made in the gun control debate guns kill people, most of the time for pointless reasons. Some statistics to back this argument up The American Journal for Public Health

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