Gun Violence in Missouri

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Missouri is an amazing state, full of interesting sights and sounds. There is the towering, metal Saint Louis Arch. The massive and beautiful Union Station. The large wheat fields, the long flowing Missouri river, and the large, beautiful Ozarks forests. Missouri, even after these things, like any states, is not perfect. Unlike some states however, Missouri has many flaws that can very easily be fixed, but the problem is that Missouri government is not doing much to stop it, one of the biggest problems being gun control. We are losing so many lives in major shootings at schools. The part that makes me mad is that after mourning the loss for a bit, we move on, forgetting the tragedy left behind. Missouri is not being very strict about these gun laws, and it is hurting us in the social look from other states, and making us seem like a state that doesn’t care. We need to take control of these gun laws to make Missouri a safer place. To begin, Missouri is one of the worst states for gun control laws. The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence gave Missouri an F for gun violence, and out of all the states“Missouri ranked 39th out of 50 – having enacted few gun violence prevention laws.” (“Missouri State Law Summary.”) The thing is, that Missouri HAS disallowed the permit to purchase, the registration, and the licensing to owners of all guns. The problem is, is that even though you are not allowed to carry a rifle or shotgun around, you can carry a handgun around, which is what has
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