Gunboat Diplomacy

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Theodore Roosevelt’s was a President who believed that the United States should be a strong country by military strength. He believed that that we had to a power in the world and a force in the world. Roosevelt wanted a two ocean navy. He wanted a navy that could come and go to the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean. With the idea of wanting power in the both oceans he began plans for the construction of the Panama Canal. This is where the essence of the Gunboat Diplomacy comes in. Gunboat Diplomacy involves intimidation by threat or use of military force. He ended up taking Panama and then leaving the Congress to debate the situation out and while debating was building the canal.
The invasion of Panama to depose Manuel Noriega was the root of
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Through a disinformation campaign the democratically elected panicked, and the CIA installed a puppet government that had bee educated in the United States, and didn’t have to wait to be told how to protect U.S. interests.
Gunboat diplomacy had its origins in the Opium War, when the Chinese rebelled against the British importation of opium into China, and the British response was to send a gunboat up the Yangtze River. The resort to force in diplomatic initiatives has roots in antiquity, from the original disputes in the Fertile Crescent; but every generation has refined the use of coercion, to the point that today government’s use of coercion is a well-oiled machine. There is almost an unwritten gentlemen’s agreement that national government attempts to overwhelm a weak nation’s government, the world community feigns disapproval. All action is deliberately confused, however, because underlying all of the appearance of law and order, the world community still honors the law of conquest.
The one seeming divergence in this was the Gulf War, which supposedly conducted to liberate Kuwait from Iraqi control. George Bush was the CIA-man, and the whole Gulf War was purposely developed to result in confrontation, on account of the fact that the soviet Union was collapsing, and the United States needed a show of force to demonstrate to the world community that even thought the Soviet Union might disappear, the United States was
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