Gung-Ho Situation Analysis

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In terms of personality, Hunters will aggressively pursue new challenges and opportunities and don’t wait to act. They will make uncalculated risks and use the Gung-Ho approach. Gatherers use caution before pursuing new opportunities. They will analyze the situation before they act and wait for more information about that opportunity before deciding. They tend to have a more calculated approach to the situation. In my life, I had my share of my gatherer moments, but I lean towards hunter. I do not usually wait until I am comfortable with taking on a new challenge. If it is placed on me, then I will take it without complaints. However, if I am given the opportunity to chase it, I will be happy with the end result, no matter how much suffering.…show more content…
The doctors had told me to not do any physical activity for five weeks while this cast was on. However, two opportunities and challenge arose during the weeks I was in a cast. During the first week, I was almost forced to resign my Cadre position on account of my broken hand. Yet, I pleaded with my upperclassmen to let me at least command drill since I already knew the drill command modules. Second, I was given the opportunity for a Marine Corps Side-load scholarship and a chance to join Rudder’s Ranger. I knew that my hand was a hinderance to my abilities, but without hesitation, I signed up. I worked out my lower body and cardio to be prepared for their physical fitness test. I passed both the Marine Corps and Army physical training with a broken arm. The downside of being a hunter is that sometimes when decisions are not thought out well enough, conflicting obstacles will arise that will create more unsavvy decisions. For example, the Marine Corps officer told me they would not accept me just yet, for my hand was a liability. However, Rudder’s accepted me and, for a while, I attended their sessions. But, I was dropped from the company since I was not a part of Army ROTC. This did not cross my mind when I joined. In honesty, I joined because I saw them perform cool maneuvers and didn’t ask what the prerequisites were. I practically started back to square
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