Guns Are Not

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What we can do? The big question is guns. People say the guns are the big problem. But the truth is it is not the guns it is the people. They say that guns are the things that kill people but let’s be honest guns can’t kill people. It the the person behind the gun. A gun is an object that can not move so tell me how it can kill people? A gun can stay on a table for a million years and ever hurt one person. Because last time i checked a gun can not pick up its self up and shoot someone. But remember that time where a truck driver drove throw a celebration in Paris. But you don’t see the government making us wait 8 days to get a car no we sign some papers pay for the car and you drive it home without a background check or even anything. Now i can not saying to do a background check every time someone bought a car.…show more content…
But no people say that is totally different but in reality it is not. A car can stay in a parking spot for a million of years and never harm one person but ones someone gets in the car and drives it to someone to kill them then people say the person did it, and that it is all there fault but why do we not do the same with guns a gun will never kill one person but it is the person behind the gun that is the one. They are the one that puts a bullet in inside the gun and the one that ames it and fires it at the person to kill them. Then is when the government goes and states that guns kill people. But is a car or airplane do the same things but you never see the world say that they are guilty. Yes i know that guns have a huge history with the united states and even the world because it is a weapon of
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