Guns Are a Danger to Society

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Guns are a Danger to Society
Just imagine sitting in a movie theater around midnight and suddenly some mad man comes in and begins shooting. On July 20, 2012 that’s what happened at a Century Movie Theater in Aurora Colorado, which resulted in about twelve people that lost their lives and about 58 other’s injured, including a baby. (Wikipedia, n.d.)There are several arguments that always comes up in the defense of gun use, which are guns don’t kill people, people kill people, guns reduce crime and that they are used for sporting reasons, like hunting. Although there is truth to those statements, the fact is that guns are used to inflect pain, intimidate, and threaten people and should be made harder to obtain. Because the federal
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A private survey was conducted by David Hemenway and Deborah Azrael from the Harvard Injury Control Research Center that asked questions about the use of guns in defensive and offensive situations; like if they had been robbed lately and if so what they did in response to the crime. (The Relative Frequency of Offensive and Defensive Gun Uses: Results From a National Survey, 2000). They conducted the survey through a random-digit-dial telephone system that randomly called people’s houses to ask them “In the past five years, have you used a gun in self-defense to protect yourself from a person or people? “and “In the past five years, has anyone displayed or brought out a gun in a hostile manner, even if this event did not take place during the commission of a crime?” If a person gave a positive response it then leads to more questions about the incident. According to the results from the survey most of the people that participated in it reported a gun being used on them more than people reported using a gun in a self-defense situation. The table provided in the article shows that fourteen people reported a total of 54 incidents where they had to use a gun in a self-defense situation, 58 people reported a total of 112 incidents where they were showed a gun in a hostile situation, 21 people reported 37 incidents where a gun was used on them in a planned crime, 24 people reported 55 incidents where a gun was used in a
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