Guns Don 't Kill People

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I find it hilarious that people think guns are the problem because guns don’t kill people, strict gun laws aren’t the problem and more people die from car crashes than guns. Supposedly California has the strictest gun laws in the country. In 2015, we have lost 8,500 people due to gun related incidents. However, we have lost 37,000 people due to car accidents. People want to ban guns because they are “dangerous” but after some research, cars seems to be the most “dangerous”. When people sit there and say “Guns kill people.”, I get the urge to punch them in the face. People who believe that nonsense are completely naive. That is just like saying cars kill people. Cars are inanimate just like guns are. They can’t just get up and walk around and kill people. I honestly would like to sit them down and ask them if they are on drugs. In a way I can see why people say “guns” kill people, but then again, it still comes down to the people with the gun killing people. For example, a car doesn’t move unless there is a person operating it. The same thing goes for a gun; the trigger isn’t pulled unless a person is pulling it. A common misconception people have is that a gun can trigger itself. However, that is not the case. While some people say their guns have misfired, it is most likely due to careless handling. A gun misfiring is honestly a non-likely occurrence. “You say that you don 't need guns because you have the police. So you don 't need a fire extinguisher in your house
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