“Guns Don’t Kill – People Do! Drugs Don’t Kill – People Do!”

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“Guns Don’t Kill – People Do! Drugs Don’t Kill – People Do!” Doug Marlette is a well-known cartoonist. Throughout his life, he had learned that things are not as clear cut as they seem and that often there are two sides to every story; he began to express this in his art (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2013). “I began understanding my role as an artist. The great novelists see the whole picture…they empathize with the thief and with the saint. They feel the whole thing and they show the whole thing. Ideologues don’t” (Gross, n.d.). In one of Marlette’s cartoons for Newsday newspaper in 1999, he drew two vehicles side by side. The one on the left had a bumper sticker by the N. R. A. (National Rifle Association) that said, “Guns don’t kill –…show more content…
Drug dealers could simply be providing the inanimate objects but claim they should not be blamed for how their customers use them. Gun dealers may not be immediately responsible for how their customers choose to use the guns; however, they are a main provider of the abused item. Therefore, to say the object is not responsible, the people are, is technically an accurate statement, yet this can be applied something as serious as the horrifying drug problem. Drug control legislation has not yet obliterated the drug problem, but just as ending the pursuit of stopping drug abuses’ catastrophic consequences to society would be considered negligence, to stop the pursuit of ending mass killings should be considered negligence, as well. Therefore, the pursuit of closer monitoring and control of gun use and distribution is necessary and extremely important. No people desire their personal rights to be infringed upon, but when their rights begin to infringe upon the rights and lives of others, a serious problem is at hand. In all ways possible, the rights of the people should be protected and preserved. At some point, though, a line has to be drawn so as not to allow lives to be jeopardized. Merlette recognizes the need for another perspective to be address in regards to gun control. This cartoon did a good job of expressing a different perspective in a strong, clear, and defendable way. Works Cited "Anti-gun

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