Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People and Other Nonsensical Rhetoric

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Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People
And Other Nonsensical Rhetoric
The intent and historical relevance of the Second Amendment should be carefully considered against modern day situations and circumstances surrounding gun violence. Whether you believe the Second Amendment gives unequivocal rights to individuals to bear arms or that it only pertains to states militia and firearms should be tightly regulated by the government, reasonable measures should be taken to minimize the harm caused by guns. With both sides of the argument pointing to the Second Amendment as a tool to further their causes, a closer examination of this much-debated amendment is crucial to determine its historical relevance and its modern day implications.
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Even so, many people feel uncomfortable with the idea of going about their daily lives, knowing that anyone among them may be carrying a gun. It conjures up images of over zealous trigger-happy citizens causing more harm than help. Many believe that using a gun for self-defense is more likely to result in injury or death to the victim or innocent bystanders than to stop a crime or criminal. Florida State University criminologist, Gary Kleck, asserts the opposite is true.
After studying data from the Department of Justice 's National Crime Victimization Survey, Kleck surmised, “The most effective form of self-protection is use of a gun. For robbery the self-protection measures with the lowest loss rates were among victims attacking the offender with a gun, and victims threatening the offender with a gun.” (Kleck). Furthermore, Kleck maintains that accidental shootings of innocent bystanders is rare with less than two percent of defensive gun use resulting in fatality. With accidental firearm deaths, coming in seventh place behind other accidental deaths such as motor vehicles, falls, poisonings, drowning, fires, and choking, then why is there such an aggressive push to ban or further restrict gun

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