Guns Everywhere in the State of Georgia

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“Guns Everywhere” in the State of Georgia Georgia State University Student, Auria Sanders, has become extremely skeptical about going out to her favorite bars in Buckhead after learning about a recent piece of legislation that had a unanimous vote in the state of Georgia. What could possibly have changed the script to where the well-being of a “typical night out” is even being thought of in a well-known subsection of the downtown Atlanta area? Georgia’s state legislature has passed a house bill that could potentially change the way that the United States views the second amendment forever. House Bill HB60, also referred to as the “guns everywhere” legislation, would allow Georgians who carry up-to-date gun carrying licenses to bring their licensed gun to public areas such as schools, churches, restaurants, bars and airports. Sam Ares, a part-time model and full-time student at Georgia State University, is particularly not supportive of Georgia citizens with the carry license being able to bring a firearm into an airport. “Hartsfield in whole is such a busy and over-packed airport each and every day of the week,” Ares began. “When families, children and the elderly are traveling to the airport with the possibility of guns being all-around you is kind of unsettling”, Ares said. This bill is currently awaiting the signature of Governor Nathan Deal in order for it to be approved. Another controversial part of this new bill also includes that Georgia citizens would be able to

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