Guns, Germs And Steel Essay

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Guns, Germs and Steel By Jared Diamond In the book Guns, Germs and Steel Jared Diamond who is a biophysics scientist and a psychologist, set out on a journey to find out the reason behind great achievements and conquest of the Europeans. What is the secret of success of Europeans? His hypothesis was very original and at first looked very simple, it was guns, germs and steel. The journey of Diamond took over 30 years and helped him answer the main questions of human history and what is it that separates humans today from "rich and poor" and from "haves and have not’s." To do this he had to go back when everyone was equal. His quest started off in New Guinea when he was asked by Yali a New Guinean politician a question: "why you white…show more content…
Diamond believes that the main reason why people were able to create such a great civilization in Middle East is because they had over produced food so people were able to specialize in labor and produce military, leaders, architects, art and such. But why New Guineans were not able to do the same? Middle East had familiarized itself with farming, which in turn made it possible for people to advance in agriculture which gave them large amounts of food. They were able to spend less time gathering the food as it was farmed close to their homes. Another important aspect is that planting the wheat and barley was very simple, all it took was to spread the seed around the field. New Guineans learned about farming as well but they were not as fortunate as Middle East to have plants that grew from seeds, instead they had to dig an individual hole for each plant and then plant each plant separate. Once again they were not as efficient as Middle East. Middle East started to develop large communities and build cities and had great advantages. They were economically stable and had build militaries first for self defense and later to be used to conquer and expand. For thousands of years Middle East was booming but it all came to a stop. They had over used their land and water resources and followed by a drought they were forced to migrate and find a new place. They migrated towards west and east and stayed in the same latitudinal region, therefore the

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