Guns, Germs, And Steel

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Guns, Germs, and Steel
Book Review

Why do the origins of every major civilization lead to European conquest and settlement? How did Europe somehow gain the upper hand so early in history? Gun, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies delivers a clear theory as to why the Europeans were able to conquer almost the entire world in less then one millennium. Jared Diamond, an esteemed historian takes readers on a journey through time. He explains that through many different factors and resources, Europe was able to conquer nearly every civilization due to three major factors, guns, germs, and steel. Diamond constructs the majority of his arguments based upon the political, economical, and natural differences and variances between each continent. In the prologue, his friend Yali asks the question, “How did Europe end up with all the ‘cargo’?” This question was never fully answered but Diamond goes on to explain how Europe used this so-called “cargo” to exploit every weakness of smaller and less developed civilizations. So the question remains, how did Europe get so lucky when it came to their natural resources and supplies? Many people think that the “cargo” found in Eurasia was unquestionably responsible for allowing the European colonies to conquer almost every other society. In spite of the fact that Diamond constructs most of his argument based upon this point, others believe that the cargo had nothing to do with Europe’s success.
Did Europe have
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