Essay about Guns, Germs, and Steel Chapter by Chapter Summary

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Chapter 1 1. The main lesson of chapter one was explaining how humans came to be and major jumps in our development. 2. I agree with diamonds ideas because it is scientifically proven that humans started by evolving from monkeys in Africa 3. That people developed certain things suddenly instead of gradually, that the clovis was responsible for many mass extinctions of large mammals around 11,000 B.C. Chapter 2 1. Looks at the effect of the climate on the civilization being a small group of hunter-gatherers or a large empire 2. Yes, if there is a lot of resources around it can support a large group of people instead of a small group of gatherers 3. The climate can change how people live Chapter 3 1. Analyses how the Incan…show more content…
Going from gatherer to farming occurred gradually, the decision was made by the availability of game and gatherables, and the pressures of population to how much is going to be grown Chapter 7 1. How plants were changed as they were being domesticated 2. Some plants were changed so they could be safely consumed and some changed by themselves so yes 3. Plants can change by themselves when they are purposely grow and given the care they need, wild almonds are poisonous, the Romans were the most successful at this Chapter 8 1. Why plant domestication didn’t happen in certain parts of the world 2. No, I don’t believe that the plants in a area would stop the people in that area from domesticating the plants 3. Plants in a area may have stopped people in that area from domesticating the plants, 12 plants account for 80% of the world’s food tonnage Chapter 9 1. All domesticated animals must have their requirements fulfilled 2. No some animals can live without some requirements 3. Imported domesticates are typically rapidly accepted when appropriate to the locale, domestication arose rapidly where appropriate species were available, and grizzly bear, hippo, zebra, and African buffalo cannot be tamed Chapter 10 1. The way the axes points is how food production works 2. No, I don’t think that makes any sense therefore I cannot believe it Chapter 11 1. How livestock was mostly a good thing but it is the cause of a lot of diseases 2. No, I believe that diseases

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