Guns Germs and Steel Essay

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1. Yali's question; "Why is it that you white people developed so much cargo and brought it to New Guinea but we black people had little cargo of our own?" 2. Diamond rewords the question as “History followed different courses for different peoples because of differences among people environment not because of biological differences among peoples themselves.” 3. Jared Diamond analyzes several factors that he believes contributed to the existing balance of the world's resources. In order to answer Yali's question, he speculates about the role of geography, technology, cultural diffusion, agriculture, culture and biology. 4. The Maori evolved differently because of population and leadership differences. The Maori conquered the…show more content…
10. These areas are Sahel, tropical West Africa, Ethiopia, and New Guinea. 11. These areas were western and central Europe, Indus valley, and Egypt. 12. The only hunter-gatherers to continue to exist were those who were separated geographically or lived in areas not fit for food producing. One theory of why people first started producing food was just as a back-up plan. Another theory is that there are different factors in different parts of the world that caused the decision to move to farming. 13. A plant is to be domesticated when its native characteristics are altered such that it cannot grow and reproduce without human intervention. 14. Because Different factors in different parts of the world caused the decision to move to farming. 15. Some plants need to be pollinated by another plant, but some mutant plants are self-pollinating. These self pollinating plants would also be picked and eventually wipe out the non self-pollinating plants. 16. Eurasia 17. Three advantages were the climate of the Fertile Crescent was wet in the winters and dry in the summers, ancestor crops were already very productive and fruitful, and many of the crops that inhabited the Fertile Crescent were self-pollinating. 18. For one the continent contained the largest amount of wild mammals. Another reason is that Eurasia has had the least extinction in the last

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