Guns Have Become A Hot Button Issue Within The United States Essay

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The topic of guns in America has become a hot-button issue within the last half century. In the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights it states that we, as citizens of this country, have a right to bear arms. We have the right to own firearms and many people exercise that right, mainly for protection or hunting. Guns have become the most popular weapon in the United States, you can see the effect of their popularity all around. They show up in popular media all the time, music and music videos, movies and television shows. Guns even have their own convention, the gun show is a multi-day gun conference that shows off and allows the purchase of guns to the patrons of the convention. Guns in this country have been commonplace since it began, a fundamental right of the American people. With the controversy that guns have caused within the last half century, people have begun to think that guns do more harm than they help. With this thought creeping in the heads of many American citizens, you have to ask yourself, how far can the second amendment extend? Yes, everyone has a right to own a firearm, however does everyone need to own one? The loopholes in the purchasing of firearms make it easy for certain individuals who have a colored past, to be able to purchase a gun. Gun violence is a major problem in America, we have more deaths related to guns than any other country in the world. If you close the loopholes in the purchase process and create strict policies, will it cause…
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