Guns Kill vs. People Kill

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It may be quite defensibly argued that guns do not kill people, and that people are the actual cause responsible for the violence that results in death and injury from firearms. What such a statement actually means, of course, is that people with the wrong intentions, or those who happen to be swept up in the moment of a heated situation and overreact without thinking, are the ones who are responsible for the myriad deaths and injuries that occur by guns each and every year, particularly in the United States. The logic behind this argument is fairly irrefutable, since it is people who must pull a trigger to cause a gun to kill another human being. In and of itself, a gun can actually be quite harmless if it is not loaded, or if the safety is on it. It is only once someone gets the criminal intention to load that firearm, remove the safety, and expel its deadly contents (bullets) into another that a gun becomes a killing mechanism, and the effects result in death. Therefore, the most effective way of removing the threat of death and violence that guns pose is to take them away from people with intentions to kill, to punish people who do so substantially so that future killers may be deterred from doing so, and to restrict the ability of individuals from actually purchasing and obtaining guns. Furthermore, a common line of thinking among those who contend that guns do not kill people and that it is people who abuse firearms that are responsible for such killing is that

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