Guns, Myths And Realities Of Gun Violence

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This paper will explore the history of guns, myths and realities of gun violence. Gun violence is a hot topic in America today and some may believe that America was built on gun violence. This country was colonized by the use of violence with guns. We’ve had wars since the invasion of this country. The violence has been around also with the well-known 1775 speech from Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death” (Jr.). Give me death is a very strong statement that to me means this is of a violent nature. Since then violence with guns would only escalate from taking land to taking lives whether it be homicides, suicides or threats of violence against one another. With the violent history of gun violence in America and so many different opinions, who or what is responsible for the destruction on self and society and what are the some of the ways to discourage these behaviors. In order to understand gun violence in America, we should get an understanding of our history of guns and how they came to into existence and their purpose. The main purpose for guns was to kill, intimidate, and take by force. As far back in time as we can go, in order to survive, whether for food or protection, our ancestors have always had a need for weapons. And as time evolved simple arrowheads for protection and hunting would change into something more lethal. Although guns were first manufactured in china the 1300’s, the first guns came to America around the 1400’s on ships

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