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Guns in the Household

When you are awoken by a spine chilling crash of glass breaking echoing through the house in the dead stillness of the night, not too sure on what caused that glass to shatter. This is why it is safe to include guns in the household to contain that additional safety measure in keeping the family in safe hands. In having weapons in the home it will instruct the children in understanding the safe in addition to the dangers of a weapon if not respected in the right manor. Teaching the family that it is tolerable to have a so called dangerous thing in the house that could possibly be used to end someone’s existence resembling a gun or another personal defense tool, it will instill in the children’s minds that growing up around these weapons will build a safe haven for them and have an ok mindset with having them in the house. As soon as that time does come when you are awoke in the middle of the night by an intruder in the house. You have seconds to respond to the circumstances to make certain you and your family is out of harm 's way from the danger that has entered the home. Each member in the house should be well skilled and cool when using each firearm that is put aside for personal defense to ensure the safety of the individual using the weapon and for the nearby neighbor’s wellbeing. An a example of a home that was defended by a weapon is (A man was at home in Freestone County, Texas, when a group of three home invaders, at least one of whom was

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