Guns Owned Are Dependant On The Level Of Education

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INTRODUCTION There are many studies from the American Journal of Public Health that show that the numbers of guns owned are dependant on the level of education of the person. This study being led by Boston University examined the claim by National Riffle Association that there is a robust correlation between the number of guns owned and an individual’s level of education. The study showed that the most educated households have the most number of people owning a gun. This factor was related to the fact that these households are the ones that hold white collar jobs hence the need to own a gun due to security reasons. Although these gun owners account for 1% of the population that owns guns, it is evident that they own the most number of riffles in the country. The less educated people tend to have few guns in their possession. However, it is evident that these people who are less educated are the main reasons for the wide scale violence that is related to gun ownership. REASONS WHY GUNS ARE DEPENDANT ON THE LEVEL OF EDUCATION The correlation between the number of gun ownership and the level of education is dependant on many factors. To begin with, ones level of education determines their jobs hence their income levels. According to gun control laws, in order for a person to have the capacity of possessing a gun, it is advisable for them to have the understanding of laws that are related to gun ownership. The use of fixed rate of regression models have demonstrated that

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