Essay on Guns, Testosterone, and Aggression Article Review

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Guns, Testosterone, and Aggression Article Review Echo Royal Psych 210 D1

The focus of this particular research paper was to prove or disprove the theory that testosterone levels would rise based on the presence of a toy gun. The independent variable consisted of a pellet gun identical to a Desert Eagle handgun for the experimental subjects and the Mouse Trap children’s game for the control subjects. The dependent variable was the amount of hot sauce each test subject placed into individual cups for the next test subjects. The population studied for this research were 30 male college students willing to provide saliva samples. The procedures that were followed were simplistic. Each of the men provided
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Were these subjects compensated to participate? It does not touch on real hard-core aggression or violence. The procedure was low budget but adequate for the simplicity of this specific research. The saliva test is a very accurate test for testosterone levels. The other way to check levels is to draw blood and that can be expensive and time consuming.
If given adequate funds to perform research in this area, I would like to expand upon this research. I would use more of the population, older and younger men. I would pull from prisoners and those known to have aggression, anger issues and those known not to have issues. I would expand the independent variables to include using violent and non-violent video games, watching violent and non-violent movie clips, handling machine guns, unloaded of course, a baseball bat or maybe a machete. Some un-inhibiting items such as a stuffed animal, a Bible, or interacting with a child with a game. The saliva tests before and after the interactions are adequate and reliable. I would have the subjects also undergo a baseline blood pressure and heart rate check before and repeat that after the interaction. Also, answer a few questions before and after and perform a physical aggression test to determine their aggression levels.
I think it would be beneficial to test these men alone as well as in a group with other men and then with a woman as well,

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