Guns: The Not So Silent Killer. There Is An Ongoing Debate

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Guns: The Not So Silent Killer

There is an ongoing debate whether there should be a gun control law implemented. Everyone has their own point of view when it comes to having an opinion if guns are a beneficial or if they are not. Those that are for it would give all the right reasons on why and how gun control should be allowed. On the other hand, there are those that are completely against gun control and have reasons why it should be not be permitted. Mass majority of people that are in favor of not implementing gun control law claim that, having a gun provides them protection that they are not getting from other sources. In the midst of all the chaos of gun control, at least there are only two opposing sides: the pros and the cons that
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Back in 2014, there was a survey done called the “Pew survey”, which concluded that 57% believe that being in possession of a gun makes them feel safer and less likely to be victimized. While having civilians armed with guns can be beneficial, at the same time it can be problematic. The truth is that not everyone is trained on how to operate a weapon. There are times when people get caught in a situation that may or may not be that severe. In other words, use of force may not be required. Not having complete training on how to handle a weapon or knowing how to react to the situation (using the gun), the individual may end up using unnecessary force to deal with the situation. Even though many claim that guns are useful for self-defense, others may disagree. Studies show that 29.6 million crimes that happened between 2007 and 2011, only about 240,000 of those were the ones where people protected themselves with the use of guns. On the other hand, out of 84.5 million property crimes, only about 103,000 individuals were able to protect or manage to deal with the situation with firearm. Allowing civilians to be armed may not stop criminals or resolve crime rate, instead it will backfire and they might tend to make the situation more dangerous that it was. Studies indicate that out of 62 mass shootings from the time period of 1982-2012, none of those were
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