Guns : The Root Of All Violence?

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GUNS: THE ROOT OF ALL VIOLENCE? The United States has fought many wars in its history and continues to fight at home. Although there has not been an actual war in our mainland since the American Civil War of 1861, our longest war has been within our communities and laws, an enduring war against guns and its violence. The noise of gunshots may sound different in a military warzone between nations, radical groups or in a civil war; however, a similar outcome subsists, the loss of lives caused by man made guns. As technology advances, armory production methods progress and with it, the opinion over gun control policy continues to expand. There are many Americans who think our gun control policy is a weakened and damaged one that is allowing the average individual to obtain firearms and more military style armory. These Americans blame guns as the causal element for all violence being experienced in this country, and call for a more strict policy control and even possible eradication of fire arms in our society. Would taking all guns from American public prevent gun deaths from continuing to happen? Would a more strict control policy help end criminal activity? Lastly, is the controlling of our guns, a violation of our Unites States (U.S.) Constitution? This is a debate that has been ongoing for years and arguments in this research indicate that guns themselves are not the issue and it will not be possible to stop criminal activity if gun control is increase therefore, the idea
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