Guns and Mental Illnesses Don't Mix Essay

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“Guns don’t kill people, people do.” This is a well known statement that is oftentimes considered true. However, it is not completely true. Someone who is mentally ill may be unable to make logical decisions and the perception they receive of reality may be tainted by the illness. Gun laws pertaining to those suffering mental illnesses should be more restrictive. Weapons such as guns make committing an act of violence, especially when there are multiple victims, much easier. It is difficult to assess the probability of a person to commit a violent act that harms anyone including himself/herself. Therefore, gun laws need be monitored very closely and made more consistent throughout each state in order to prevent violence that could…show more content…
Over two-million Adult Americans suffer with this illness. Schizophrenia usually occurs in people between the ages fifteen and twenty-seven. One in ten people commit suicide, one in five recover, and two thirds of people improve with treatment. Major depression is a persistent depression that is more disabling than a case of “the blues”. The symptoms described with the illness are hopelessness, insomnia, fatigue, inability to concentrate, diminished interest in activities, as well as suicidal thoughts. Manic depression, otherwise known as bipolar disorder, is identified with episodes of mania and depression. Its symptoms include severe mood swings, inflated self-esteem, and impaired judgment. This is a dangerous illness because the person who has an extreme case of this illness is very likely to have an outburst of anger that may transform into a kind of rage that is hard to calm down. Over two-million Adult Americans suffer from bipolar disorder; manic depression. (Parker) Minor illnesses are those that are associated with a lower amount of severity. Some minor illnesses include obsessive-compulsive disorder and stress induced anxiety. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a recurring behavior that involves inappropriate behavior and is considered to be impulsive which includes actions such as repetitive actions, consistent hand washing or continuous counting. However, many of the mental illnesses manifest into multiple

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