Guns in American History Essay

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Guns have played a big part in American history. The first settlers found an abundant amount of edible game when they came to this continent. Guns were very useful in hunting for food in this vas landscape. Familiarity with a rifle was an essential skill which also helped the Colonist of the new world to defeat the British troops during the Revolutionary War that was fought from 1775-1783. After the Revolutionary War was over, guns became even more important to American history in the taming of the west. Guns helped in the advancement of bringing civilization to millions of acres of land that stretched from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. If not for guns, would there even be a United States? No one really knows who …show more content…
The successes of these programs are often attributed to the emphases on safety and education that has resulted in an unprecedented scholastic and collegiate athletic safety record. Many people today still hold the opinion that hunting for game such as, deer, duck, quail, elk, and wild bores are a traditional sport. For others just looking at the newspaper and reading about the crime logistics is reason enough to buy a gun for personal protection. In today’s world, a gun can be sold or bought in many places all the way from local dealers of the manufactures, retail stores, pawn shops, gun shows or exhibits, and even online auctions. Guns have really come a long way since 1836 when Samuel Colt opened the first manufacturing plant in Paterson, New Jersey. Mass production of guns was now under way for the first time in American history. Colt quickly became the largest company in this field. Today there are many gun manufactures in the world; the supply of guns offered is tremendous. Some examples are Berretta, Remington, Smith and Wesson, Winchester, Ruger, Copper, and Dakota to name just a few, there are many more. In the since that there are so many manufacturers and so many ways to obtain a gun and due to the since that a gun can cause gravely injury there has to be laws pertaining to this matter. When traveling from one state to another the laws may vary. Many states do not recognize other