Guns in High School: For the Betterment of All

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There are an abundant number of places in this country in which you would expect to see people advocating the reduction or revocation of gun control laws. The first places to come to mind would be Montana or Colorado, because of the more rural connotations those places have been given in the popular media outlets such as movies, magazines, and television. Montana is depicted as a state where there are large sweeping plains and horse ranches over every horizon, while Colorado is a land of mountains and forests with a very small amount of urban invasion. This argument however comes out of Brooklyn, from a Midwood High School newspaper deep in the boroughs of New York. Considering the fact that in a national gun ownership survey only 18…show more content…
The author of the article is from an area with laws that are quite strict, where the largest demographic of gun owners are of those that own them illegally and most likely for illegal uses, yet he writes about them positively because he knows that they are simply tools. With all the anti-gun sentiment in pop culture today it is encouraging to see some spark of intelligence in the mind that penned this article, by speaking out for a cause that is rarely thought of as patriotic he may be able to sway the opinions of many readers. Berk is a young voice, but he channels the research of a variety of sources with conviction using whatever outlet he has at his disposal (in this case the school newspaper) to get his message out with the tools available. Berk's main tool is simple fact, speaking to the reader about things that they can easily research on their own and thereby learn about the topic. While facts may not be as influential as speaking stylistically to the reader, the effect they have will be longer lasting because it isn't based on an emotional response to the words and emotions of the writing. Having a solid bedrock of fact will influence the reader to reconsider their opinion over longer period as opposed to simply feeling charged in the readers favor for a short period. When the author speaks of the states that have high crime rates he notes the fact they have strict gun control
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