Guns on Campus

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Guns on College Campus
Should guns be allowed on college campus?
Kenton L. McGowen

Abstract This paper will determine whether guns have a place on college, and school campuses. The conclusion that the paper reaches is that students who have guns will be tempted to use them, especially at universities and colleges that are full of drug use, stress, and anxiety. The mixture of guns into a formula like that is simply not conducive to a safe environment. This paper will take evidence from experts, as well as state rulings to show the two sides of gun control in regards to school campuses in order to answer the question: Should guns be allowed on college campuses?

The constitution of the United States guarantees our
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Gun Massacres do have an end to them but the steps to end them must be taken before we can say that we will have come close to eradicating the problems that cause gun violence to occur in the first place. Perhaps new policy could include keeping police stationed at strategic points on campus to better respond to threats right when they are called in, or arming security guards better, or perhaps doing random gun sweeps to make sure that no guns are on campus. These things would be more effective than arming, or allowing, an entire student body that could use the guns for anything. However, those opposed may see this as an infringement against gun rights, as Colorado found it recently to be in violation of state law. There is no evidence that says a well armed society is a polite society sans a quote popular amongst right wingers, and in this case it makes no sense to arm a society that would possibly not react in the way that is foreseen, especially if the consequences could be a lot worse than is intended. On the contrary, schools are generally safe areas, as evidenced by the isolated incidents of school shootings. (Rubino, 2012) When the sheer number of schools in the United States is brought into account, and how few gun violence incidents there are, it makes sense not to arm a student body against a threat that likely will never occur within 50 miles of them, an overwhelming likeliness. A gun free campus is
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