Gupta, President And Ceo Of Coca Cola India

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The key problems that Gupta should focus on in the short term are the allegations from Center for Science and Environment (CSE) that threatens to tarnish the image of the company’s brand, and the survey result of the its consumers. In a fallen world, crisis is inevitable. When it does occur, for the most part, ones’ wish is for it to go away as fast as possible. While it is an uncomfortable predicament; nevertheless one ought to have a plan in place to reconcile the issue. In this case study Gupta, president and CEO of Coca Cola India found himself in the middle of a crisis that could either annihilate his company’s existence or regain its success as the lead in India. While all crises are unique, the crisis characteristic that Gupta faces…show more content…
Coke and Pepsi made an attack on the credibility of the CSE itself and what their labs have reported. Furthermore, Coke promised the public that they would immediately release the results of an independent test that would ultimately prove that their products they provide are safe. Coke India also threatened to take legal action against the CSE for releasing these false results. All of these things combined, shows that Coke India was ready for a crisis. Coke India showed a quick response and showed that they knew exactly how to respond back to false allegations. It almost seemed as if Coke India prepared for this exact incident to occur. In a statement released by President of Coke India Sanjiv Gupta, he stated that Coke India is monitoring the most important aspect of business which is quality standards. He further said that Coke India would not stand by while the CSE made misleading and unaccredited statements (Tuck School of Business, 2008). Another way Coke India showed their preparedness was launching their own campaign that reassured the public that their products are safe. Even after showing they were prepared; the public still seemed reluctant to believe their products were as the CSE claimed. In order to prevent further damage to Coke 's brand image in India and re-build its reputation within the country, I would recommend Coke Division President, Sanjiv Gupta, take an offensive communication

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