Gush Thief

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It has been ten years since the population of Gush Katif were ordered to move from their homes. The enforced evacuation was an agonizing episode that has been recorded with tears in the annals of Israeli history. Soldiers were forced to execute a plan with which they disagreed and images of IDF soldiers confronting Israeli residents during the evacuation were heartbreaking. Even today.
Many residents were religious, but there were countless secular Jews. The community of 8,600 were confident that the sand dunes of this ocean side area could be productive farming land and they worked hard to develop this smallest region. In nourishing the desert, Israel gained another area that could flourish.
Nezer Hazani was the first Gazan Jewish village
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Indeed, the residents of the Gush Katif area were in serious danger from Arab attacks. Many thousands of incidents were reported and the settler-only roads leading to the communities of Gush Katif were heavily guarded by the Gaza Division of the IDF. The Gush Katif and Northern Samaria Commemoration Center confirms that 42 people lost their lives during the…show more content…
Today, you can visit the Gush Katif Museum in Jerusalem and the event is remembered each year on Gush Katif Day, celebrated on February 11th by every school in the Israeli Educational system. “The Gush Katif Committee and the Gush Katif and Northern Shomron Heritage Center decided that there is an educational value to the Gush Katif story. The 22nd of Shvat, is a day that celebrates religious faith, Zionism, settlements, and the Israeli State as well as discussing their complexity. This day was chosen as Gush Katif Day because it is the anniversary of the day when Netzer Hazani, the first civilian community in Gush Katif, was
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