Gustav Mahler And His Fifth Symphony

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Gustav Mahler and His 5th Symphony By the end of the 20th century, Gustav Mahler had established himself as one of the most loved and frequently performed symphonists of the modern era. Audiences enjoyed his work for the energy and emotion conveyed through each and every performance of his symphonies. Due to his particularly rich and provocative writing style, Mahler has become the influence of composers since his death and continues to remain at the forefront of modern musical symphonic consideration. According to modern records, Mahler was born July 7, 1860 in a small village in Bohemia. However, some scholars suggest that he and his family actually celebrated his birthday on the 1st of July each year (Stefan 9). He was of Jewish descent and the second of his parents’ fourteen children, although more than half of his siblings did not survive infancy (Stefan 9). Mahler’s Jewish heritage would later become a hindrance to his career due to politics of his given region. Nevertheless, Mahler grew up under his father, who ran a local business, and had a nurturing family life (Stefan 12). Like many other great composers of the past, Gustav Mahler was a fantastic musician even as a child. He began his musical endeavors at the age of four but discovered the piano later at age six. He was skilled to the point that he acquired a student of his own before he turned eight. He made a flattering wage of one cent an hour during this period of his “career” (Stefan 12). The lessons did

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